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three fall trends of 2022 that will not go unnoticed

The fashion world is already getting ready for fall 2022, coming out with various trends that will be...

  1. All Black Everything

The color black will always be timeless, and fall 2022 fashion predictions are showing the relevance of this. There are so many variations and ways to wear this dark color and extra flavor can be added with textures such as lace or mesh fabrics. The runway loved these looks, as they are both statement outfits from high-end designers.

2. Bomber Jacket Bash

Bomber jackets came back in winter of 2020 and they are already reappearing for fall of 2022. This vintage styled jacket is so fun and adds originality to every outfit. It can be dressed up or down and worn in many different ways. You can add patches or pins to the jacket to personalize it more.

3. Tuxedo Time

Tuxedo's are back and better than ever. The tuxedo never looked so good! This statement piece makes any outfit look sophisticated. You will absolutely be a girl boss in this look. You can wear it in black to be classic, or be bold and wear a daring color. Regardless, people will stop and stare at this fabulous trend!

There are so many upcoming trends for fall of 2022, but these were my personal favorites! Let us know some of your favorite upcoming trends.

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