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five ways to style your favorite white blouse

White blouses are essential for every closet, as one of the most staple garments you could possibly own. They always look effortlessly gorgeous and sophisticated, helping any outfit look more cohesive. There really isn't a "wrong" way to style a white blouse because the options are truly endless!

This look is stunning... simplistic black & white with gold accessories!

Here are some of our favorite ways to style this timeless garment:

Keep it open!

This edgy look is super cute showing a bit of skin with the black cropped top underneath. Perfect for a summer event or a picturesque dinner out with friends.

Wear it as a dress!

This look is very simple to achieve and will still turn heads every time. The tailored waist with the puffy sleeves add some dimension to the overall style of the outfit. This could be paired with platform sneakers if you want to keep it casual, but these thigh-high boots look fabulous too!

Just add trousers!

This is one of the most classic looks to achieve with the white blouse. No matter where you're going, you'll look extremely put-together and chic. I love the accessories paired with this particular outfit, but you can really style it in so many different fashions.

Wear it as a jacket!

If you want to wear it as a statement, get a very oversized blouse and wear it as a jacket or coat with your look! This can add various elements and layers to the overall outfit, making it stand out more than usual.

Let it be simple!

As you can see, this look downplays the white blouse because of all of the other materials and patterns going on in the outfit. Sometimes, this is what a white blouse is meant to do! The leather pants and snakeskin boots are the focal points of this outfit, so pairing it with a simple blouse does the trick!

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