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Popular colors you'll need this upcoming summer

Trends in colors change every season, and summer of 2022 has some bold and daring colors that will be total hits! These colors will add emphasis to each outfit you wear, so be on the lookout for them in-stores and online!

Here are the colors you'll see the most this upcoming season:

  1. Kelly Green

This stunning green color will look great with your summer tan! It can be paired with other bold colors or can be used as the accent color. This color is versatile and can be dressed up or can be worn casually. Everyone will be going crazy over kelly green this upcoming season!

2. Saturated Yellow

This color will brighten up your day along with everyone else's as well! It is a beautiful, light color that can add spice to any look you put together this summer. You'll be shining as bright as the sun while wearing this color!

3. Lime Green

This vivid color has been wildly popular in the past and it is coming back into the lime-light (literally)! The fabulous glaring color will be at the top of everyone's must-have list! This color will be admired by all of the top fashion guru's this summer!

4. Sunset Orange

This funky color will be seen in many looks this summer. The daring, fun look can add an intense element to any garment or overall outfit you put together. You will definitely be the center of attention while wearing this beautiful color.

5. Primary Blue

This gorgeous blue will be all over the place this summer of 2022. It is a bit less bold than the other colors, if you want to mute things down a little. This blue can be nicely paired with whites, creams, and browns. If you want to make your outfit even more daring, you could pair primary blue with yellow's or orange's for extra pizzazz.

Be sure to check these colors out before it's too late and be the first to wear them to your favorite brunch place or to a fun night out! You'll be getting many stares and even more compliments on your color choices!

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