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five on-trend seasonal pieces you need this fall & winter

Here are the five seasonal items everyone is talking about (and why you need them):


Shackets are perfect for transitioning from fall weather into winter weather. Perfect to wear to a movie night with the girls or to your favorite bar! This oversized look is super cozy and neutral, so you can pair it with so many different things to style it however you'd like!

Graphic Tees-

Graphic Tee's have been hot for forever now and this fall and winter is no different. Grab your favorite band tee and pair it with some wide-leg jeans or leather leggings to look extremely chic. This Steve Miller Band tee is one of my personal favorites, as it has a cool color combination and is super comfortable!

Faux Leather-

Faux leather is great for winter because it adds a bit of edge and boldness to any outfit. Black leather is timeless, always looking fantastic no matter how it's styled. The cropped look is very trendy currently. The animals will love you and so will everyone who sees you in faux leather this year!

Party Dresses-

A little party never killed nobody! Spice up your winter wardrobe with a stunning party dress fit for all different occasions. This would look cute with sneakers or dressed up with some strappy heels. You can't go wrong with either look!


This oversized v-neck sweater vest is perfect for both fall and winter. For fall, you can wear it as pictured. For winter, you can style it with a turtleneck or long-sleeve shirt to add warmth. The neutral cream color can be worn with so many different colors and patterns, so styling this garment would be tons of fun!

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