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working from home never looked so good

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, working remote or hybrid has become extremely common. This relaxed environment makes it quite easy to dress lazy, staying in your pajamas or oversized t-shirt from the night before.

Although this can be nice, there are other ways you can dress so you feel comfortable, cute, and professional during your business hours.

  1. Relaxed sweater & trouser combo

This sweater & pant look is very sophisticated but can be extremely comfortable as well. The oversized, relaxed fit can give movement and the ability to breathe. The material of the trousers can be comfy too, just make sure you pick a soft pair.

2. Blazer & denim duo

Wearing a blazer and jeans can allow you to fully get in work-mode, even when you're at home. If you need to be on Zoom, you will be the best dressed one on the computer screen! If you think denim is uncomfortable, try finding a pair of jeggings.

3. Monochromatic loungewear

This look might take the cake for my favorite WFH look. The all beige from head-to-toe while remaining comfortable is effortlessly gorgeous. The neckline of this look is professional, yet cozy. This outfit is the perfect outfit to remain focused, look cute, and stay comfy.

4. Playing dress up!

If you have an important meeting or presentation and want to look the part... you can never go wrong with a white blouse and black pencil skirt. This is one of the most timeless professional looks. The best part is how great it will feel changing into something cozy as a reward for completing the meeting!

5. Dress down days

This relaxed look is still very cute during work because of the matching colors and clean look. Even though you're technically in sweats, you made an effort to wear ones that look fresh and chic. Pair this with a cute baseball cap or your favorite fuzzy slippers.

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