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which capsule encapsulates you?

There are many variations how you can successfully build a wardrobe capsule. It can be tricky to know which items work for your style preference, body type, etc. Building a capsule wardrobe can drastically help you with your fashion choices!

Check out how to build a classic capsule, warm climate capsule, New York capsule, Cali capsule, Texas capsule, undergarments capsule, and more! Learn how you can make the most out of your clothes on

Here are two examples of the fabulous bundles we have to offer:

True Classic:

This bundle has all of the essentials you may need for day-to-day living. If it's a work event, lunch with the girls, or a nice dinner date, this capsule can allow you to mix and match garments to thrive under any circumstance!

Warm Climate:

This is my personal favorite capsule, seeing I am a Florida girl now! Making sure you have the right clothing based on your environment is critical to your effectiveness in dressing. You have to ditch certain fabrics and materials if you're living in very hot or cool temperatures. This capsule has everything needed for a great, summer-like wardrobe!

The website also allows you to pick certain "personality pieces" to go with the capsule you choose!

This site makes shopping and learning what works for you so easy and incredibly fun!

Happy shopping :)

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