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what to wear based on personal coloring

Sometimes it's hard to realize which colors look the best for your skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc. It is important to know which "season" you are so you can figure out which coloring compliments you most nicely!

The four seasons:

  1. Spring

  2. Summer

  3. Winter

  4. Fall

Spring Season:

  • If you're spring, you likely have light, warm colored hair and light eyes to match with golden skin tones

  • Colors that look best on you are warm greens, yellows, orangey reds, peachy pinks, light browns, and tans

Summer Season:

  • If you're summer, you likely have ashy or cool toned light brown hair with grey, blue, or green eyes to match with a lighter skin tone

  • The best colors for summer people are mainly pinks and blues

Winter Season:

  • If you're winter, you likely have darker hair and usually blue or light eyed with pale skin

  • Colors that look best for winters are red, green, blue, black, and white.

Fall Season:

  • If you're fall, you have warmer, olive toned skin

  • You likely have auburn, brunette, or warm blonde hair with brown or green eyes

  • Autumns look best wearing browns, yellows, reds, and oranges

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Robbie Giansante
Robbie Giansante

I love this blog! so good!

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