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what sunglasses to wear based on your face shape

Often times people forget to look at the importance of wearing sunglasses that compliment their face shape. This can make or break how you look in your sunnies! Here is a guide for you to realize which sunglasses will look best on your face:


Heart shaped faces look best in cat eye, browline, and retro square sunglasses. This is due to the smaller pointed part of your chin that can be complimented by frames that are wider at the top. If you have a round face shape, oversized, cat eye, and square sunglasses are most flattering for your face. Women with oval shaped faces look most flattering in aviator, oversized, and retro square sunglasses. Last but not least, square shaped faces look best in aviator, browline, and round sunglasses.


Heart shaped faces look great in aviators, retro square, and sport sunnies. If you have a round shape face, the best options would be aviator, retro square, and square sunglasses. If your face shape is oval, aviator, retro square, and round sunglasses are all good options. Lastly, if you have a square face, aviator, browline, and round sunnies are the most fitting for your face.

Make sure to follow this style guide so you wear sunglasses that compliment your face best! Happy shopping!

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