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trendy accessories you'll see this spring & summer

Accessories these upcoming seasons are starting to be talked about like crazy! These fun accents to your outfits can add extra spice to each look. Here are some top accessories that will be popular this upcoming spring and summer:

  1. Wide Waist Belts-

These belts are a funky way to give yourself that dream hourglass shape! There are so many ways these belts can be worn. You can dress them up or down and choose by many colors and patterns. They will make every outfit stand out!

2. Flashy Purple Bags-

The color purple is perfect to make any outfit POP! This fabulous color looks great on purses or bags, as it adds an extra element to the overall look. The bags can vary in size, but the smaller bags on the left and middle side are super in.

3. Layered Chain Necklaces-

These fabulous chunky chains creates an edge to each look. The double-layered chains elevate each outfit, silver or gold! These single chains were popular in 2020 and they're coming back with even more chunk.

4. High Heeled Platform Boots-

This trendy accessory is my absolute favorite! These fun, revamped go-go boots, are perfect for any occasion if you're wanting to make a statement. Platform shoes have been popular for a while now, but making a twist with the heel really adds an extra feature to the look.

These are just a few of the fantastic trendy accessories that you'll be seeing these upcoming seasons. Be sure to stay trendy and grab each of the styles before it's too late. Happy spring & summer shopping!

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Robbie Giansante
Robbie Giansante
Mar 16, 2022


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