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stay up-to-date: favorite runway trends of winter 2022-2023

High-end designers have had some killer runway looks that have been the hot gossip recently.

Here are some trending styles from top designers that will be extremely popular this winter.

  1. Pretty in Pink

Recent runway looks predict that the color pink is going to be extremely popular this winter season. Light pinks, hot pinks, muted pinks, you name it! There will be so many fabulous pink options to wear in different ways. Coats, dresses, shoes, scarves, etc. will have different shades of this perfect color!

2. Sexy Sequin

You don't have to save your sequins for New Years this winter season! This look will be extremely sought-after this winter, as it is extremely fun and daring. Sequins give each look sophistication along with elegance. You can't go wrong sporting some sequins around!

3. Back to Black

Black never goes out of style and top designers have made that extremely apparent from the upcoming season's runway looks. Black leather is going to be super hot this winter, which is lucky for you because Glow Fashion Boutique has great leather pant options for you to rock this winter!

4. Perfectly Preppy

The preppy style is coming back full force this winter, from plaid skirts to collared shirts, this style is classic and timeless. There are so many variations of this style that can be worn in different and unique ways. It is easy to accessorize in fun ways with the preppy style, so you can have a lot of expression with this type of style.

5. All the Animals

Lions, tigers, and bears... oh my! Animal prints are back and better than ever. Animal print coats will be huge this winter. These prints spice up any outfit, making them look more daring and bold. Neutral coloring with animal print match well and look effortlessly chic.

Have fun and good luck finding fashionable trending garments for this winter!

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