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Paris fashion week street looks: classic & chic

Paris fashion week 2022 is currently going on and the street looks outside of the runways have used elements of classic pieces of fashion with certain colors, fabrics, and styles. The runways are filled with amazing fashion designs, but the streetwear shows off some fabulous looks as well from bystanders going to the various shows.

Here are some examples of dashing looks from the streets of Paris this week:

This sophisticated blazer and plaid mini skirt combo turned heads on the streets of Paris, as she looks fabulous in this cream color. This look is effortlessly classy and stunning.

This edgy look really gives off chic vibes with the harness and the mesh black skirt. She put together such a breathtaking look, catching the eyes of everyone on the streets. The minimal use of color with the red purse makes it pop extra well.

This beautiful olive green trench coat paired with these chunky black boots and purse are absolutely stunning and stylish. She paired these garments together extremely well, as they are cohesive, classic, and show-stopping.

Last but not least, this beautiful look has just the right amount of color and boldness to create a fashionable outfit. Her use of minimal green and orange coloring makes the entire outfit stand out. The crisp white coat and skirt are nicely shown, but the purse and hat are seen easily as well.

Be sure to check out the streetwear from future fashion weeks to come in 2022!

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