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packing tips for a getaway this winter

Who has accidentally overpacked for a vacation and barely wore half of the clothes you brought? Let's be honest, most of us are guilty of this. Packing for vacation can be super stressful, especially when you have many options to choose from. There are some tips to take into consideration while packing for your next week-long trip!

  1. Bring neutral colored clothing so it's easy to mix and match

  2. Bring three types of shoes; sneakers, sandals, & fancy shoes

  3. Pack mostly tan seamless underwear, so it'll go with any outfit

  4. Don't pack too many dresses, one or two can go a long way!

  5. Three words: little black dress

  6. Pack a neutral colored bag, preferably thin

  7. I promise- you don't need all of your hair and skin products

  8. Pack two or three neutral bra's

  9. Pack silver & gold jewelry so it's simple to mix

  10. Leave your huge beach hat at home- It'll fly away in the wind

  11. Only bring a book if you're actually going to read it

  12. Earphones or AirPods are a must!

  13. Pack no more than two pairs of shorts

  14. Pack thin tank tops, they barely take up space

  15. Always remember: nothing over 4 fluid ounces is allowed on a plane

Glow Fashion Boutique has capsule pieces that will be absolutely perfect for every vacation!

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