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Keeping your blazer casual

When getting dressed for a casual outing, a blazer is probably the last thing we would want to grab in our closet. However, this essential clothing item has become super trendy for the fall season in both formal and casual wear. There are many ways you can dress down this item to keep even your most casual looks stylish and fashionable, and we are here to show you how!

You can never go wrong with denim when it comes to styling your blazer. This is a great way to keep your look casual, and a sleek black blazer always looks good with your favorite pair of jeans. You can complete this look with your favorite body suit, tank, or t-shirt for a comfortable look under your blazer. This outfit is perfect if you're looking for a way to stay casual yet, fashionable. A blazer can also be styled with your favorite pair of leggings. Specifically, a black blazer can be paired with a pair of plain black or faux leather leggings for a monochromatic look. Both of these looks would go perfectly with a pair of neutral-colored sneakers to make it more comfortable and casual.

You can also layer your favorite hoodie and joggers with your blazer. A matching sweatsuit may seem illegal to pair with a blazer in the fashion world, however this look has become extremely trendy, especially in the fall and winter months. A blazer can help add a little more style to your already comfortable outfit. In addition to this, you can create extra comfort and warmth by layering your blazer. Don't be afraid to play with statement pieces either and add your favorite handbag, jewelry, or shoes to help dress up the outfit to match your blazer.

The next time you feel your outfit may be missing something, or is just not coming together how you would like, try adding your favorite blazer. This is a super easy yet simple way to spice up a look and make it trendy. This classic piece is necessary in your wardrobe, and not just when it comes to formal office looks, so try creating a casual look with your favorite blazer the next time you get dressed.

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