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How to diversify your denim

Denim is a necessity in any wardrobe, but does not always have to be reserved for casual occasions. Whether it is a day with friends, a sporting event, or even a night out, denim offers the perfect foundation for building an outfit. While it may seem difficult to think outside the box with something as simple as denim, there are several simple ways to spice up a pair of jeans and maximize your wardrobe.

It is easy to keep it casual and comfortable with denim. First, you can always play it safe by partnering a pair of jeans with either a bodysuit, cami, tank, or t-shirt. All four of these top options offer a simple minimalistic look that can be worn while running errands, or relaxing at home. Don’t be afraid to layer these tops with either a cardigan or jacket of your choice. Adding a blazer is just as effective, and an easy way to dress up any pair of jeans. Layering like this is always a great option in the fall and winter months.

Spicing up a pair of denim jeans can be done just as easily, with a tucked in button up shirt. For a more casual look you can always leave this untucked. The classic blouse would serve as a perfect staple piece for either of these looks. You can also step outside the box and partner denim with more denim! While this may seem like a fashion crime at first, a simple monochromatic look with a chambray shirt or denim jacket is a very stylish alternative to switch it up and make a statement. Don’t be afraid to wear heels with your denim either, whether it is a pair of strappy stilettos or booties. Adding a cuff and a pair of heels also results in a chic look with the comfortability of your favorite pair of jeans.

So, whether you are simply going to the grocery store, or getting dressed for a night out, start with your favorite pair of jeans. Regardless of the occasion, denim is always a great go-to when building any outfit and will never disappoint you.

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