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Here's How to style this must-have sweater vest

V-neck sweater vests have been extremely popular for a few years now, as they evolved from only a preppy style to a plethora of fashionable styles. Here are five ways to style this garment for the winter season!

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  1. Add Some Edge

Hailey Bieber is rocking the cropped plaid yellow and black sweater vest layered on top of a white cropped t-shirt. She paired this top part with low-rise baggy black pants and some white sneakers to keep the look casual, but still edgy at the same time. She looks effortlessly cool and trendy in this outfit.

2. Make it Funky

This look is super fun and adds different unique levels to the overall style of the outfit. She used sunglasses, a chain phone holder necklace. and a purse as accessories. This sweater vest is bold, as it has vibrant colors and a cool checkered pattern. The sweater is worn with an oversized white button up with puffy sleeves and relaxed track pants with stripes down the sides. This look is comfortable but simultaneously ever so chic.

3. Keep it Neutral

This type of styling is my personal favorite when wearing a sweater vest. Keeping it neutral makes the overall look crisp and collected. This white oxford with the black sweater vest and black trousers is absolutely brilliant. The tan tote bag adds a relaxed element. The gold watch adds a sophisticated detail to the look, making it look even more classic.

4. Have it Casual

This oversized sweater vest is super trendy in recent years, as it coincides with the idea of loungewear, while still looking more put-together. This look is kept casual with some chilled mom jeans and a baseball cap. She paired the sweater with a round-neck white long sleeve. This is the perfect way to dress cute while still being in your comfort zone.

5. Dress Up Preppy

Last but not least, sweater vests can be styled preppy… shocker! This style is timeless, as this preppy diamond pattern looks fabulous in the white and green coloring. It is paired with a black crossbody bag and black sunnies. She is wearing black skinny jeans to go along with the sweater and a little white cropped tee underneath. Some gold hoops were added for extra spice.

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