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five ways to style your favorite leather jacket!

Leather jackets truly never go out of style. Knowing how to style them properly can help.

Check out our favorite leather jacket on below...

Here are some ways to pair your favorite one with different garments for a maximum chic fashion sense:

Sticking to Black-

This black jacket, tube top, and mini skirt combo is a relaxed, yet chic, fashion statement. Personally, I love the pop of fall oranges and browns in the heels and bag. This look is quite classic with elements of dimension.

Western School Girl-

Truly obsessed with this look as a whole. This leather jacket paired with the pleated midi skirt and chunky black boots is just effortlessly fabulous. She is giving off Ralph Lauren meets Brandy Melville meets Boot Barn... and we're all here for it!

Twice the Leather-

This girl is rocking a cropped black leather jacket along with faux leather latex-looking pants. The different materials and colors work well together, making a fierce and sexy statement.

Strutting in Style-

This look also has elements of western vibes, but rock edge as well. The necklace and fringe on the boots are bohemian styled, similar to the garments and accessories at Free People. This outfit shows you're allowed to mix and match styles, nothing is set in stone and fashion rules are so 2022.

Casual & Cool-

This is my favorite way to wear a leather jacket! The white low-neckline blouse with the matching chunky platform sneakers and the long black leather jacket and trousers look absolutely stunning together. This outfit can be worn to the grocery store, lunch with friends, or to a night out at the local bar. It is so versatile and timeless.

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