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fashionable ways to layer clothing this winter

During these winter months, it is important to understand how to layer clothing successfully so that your outfits look cohesive and adorable every single time! Clothing can always be layered, especially in fall and winter for some extra warmth. Whether it's a jacket, oversized tee, scarf, coat, or vest, layering can make or break an outfit. Layering correctly makes your outfit come to life with lots of style and excitement.

Here are some tips to layer your outfits successfully:

  1. Don't overly mix patterns. If you're going to layer, make the accent piece a pattern and the rest solid or vise versa. You don't want to look discombobulated.

  2. Choose colors that compliment each other. For instance, if you're wearing a navy outfit, pair it with a nude colored trench coat and heels.

  3. Don't appear too bulky. Have one clothing item that is bulky and the centerpiece of the outfit, such as a chunky knit scarf.

  4. Make sure your proportions look right. You don't want to have the upper body look way more bold than the lower body. Even out your layering so that it looks cohesive.

  5. The textures of the outfit should compliment each other. For example, you shouldn't wear linen (typically a summer fabric) with wool (a warm winter fabric).

  6. Make sure the outfit still looks good if you were to take a layer off because you never know when you'll get too hot.

There are obviously so many different variations to layering clothing. The sky is the limit! Here are some cute, fashionable examples that may help to inspire you:

Have fun layering and styling your winter outfits!

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