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creating a recession-proof capsule wardrobe

There is nothing more important than building a wardrobe with classics that will stand the test of time. Having a recession-proof capsule wardrobe will guarantee your success in making the most out of your closet and overall fashion sense. There are a few important tips on how to create and maintain this timeless, sustainable capsule wardrobe. Glow Fashion Boutique creators, Rebecca and Danielle, want to help you figure out how to best manage your style and wardrobe in an effective way!

Here are some quick tips to succeed:

  1. Take the timeless garment pieces out of your closet. Neutral colors, classic garments, and anything that keeps trending over and over again can be considered timeless. Use these items to your advantage and work with them in various ways.

  2. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit right anymore or you haven't worn in over 6 months. We all have those clothing items that linger and never get worn. This is a waste of space and can leave you feeling cluttered. Be true to yourself and only keep items you know you're going to wear.

  3. Get creative with the leftovers. Mix and match, style things differently than you normally would, try new things and don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone a bit.

  4. Buy clothing pieces to maximize longevity. 80% of your clothing should be classic, foundation pieces and 20% should be everything else.

  5. Take our "Nothing to Wear Solution" course online that has a plethora of helpful tips and tricks to decluttering, targeting personal style, and so much more!

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