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classic blouse

Nothing screams classic like the perfect blouse. Often, this staple piece is categorized as traditional workwear and is neatly filed away there. It very rarely makes an appearance elsewhere, but fortunately, that just doesn't work for us. Nothing excites us more than challenging "fashion rules" and we are here for breaking this one. The classic blouse is super versatile, functional, and brings more to the table than what meets the eye. It can be styled so many ways all year long.

The classic blouse is ideal to wear as is or to layer with items you may already find in your closet. First there is the obvious, tuck it in with your favorite pair of denim, black pants or skirt for a crisp and polished look. Try it tucked with denim shorts specifically for a more casual look. Having the blouse tucked in will keep you looking put together, even with a super casual bottom. Next, try an untucked look and keep it comfy by pairing it with leggings or biker shorts. If your blouse is long enough it will give you the perfect amount of coverage with bottoms that are clingy. Our Glow To Blouse achieves this trendy style perfectly.

Now onto layering. For the spring and summer seasons, try it opened/unbuttoned over a bodysuit or tank. We love our Halter Neck Crop Top under our sheer Glow To Blouse, as this combination can go with any bottoms depending on your styling preference. For the fall and winter seasons do just the opposite...layer over the blouse. This can be done easily by throwing a sweater or a cardigan over your blouse. Be sure to have your blouse peek through at either the neckline or hemline under your sweater so the layering can be seen. A jacket, blazer or duster will work great for layering as well.

If you're guilty of only wearing a blouse when "dressing up" we challenge you to take another look at this closet essential. A closet staple should serve as a basic piece to build off of all year long and in multiple ways. The classic blouse does just that.

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