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accents you need to incorporate THIS holiday

There are many ways to spice up your outfits this holiday season. Using different accents in your wardrobe is a fantastic way to do so. Be the best dressed guest at the holiday party this year!

Here are some of our top favorites for winter 2022-2023:


Feathers are the perfect accent for a fun night out with the girls or an elegant dinner with your significant other. Feathers add a unique element to any outfit! These black feathers are more dressy, but you could also incorporate colored feathers to get creative with your looks.


Pearls always look sophisticated and classy for the holidays. If you don't have any clothing with pearls on them, you can always just add pearled jewelry to your outfits to make them look timeless. Audrey Hepburn would definitely approve!


Sparkles, glitter, and sequins... oh my! Sequins are my personal favorite accent to wear during the holiday season. For Christmas or New Years Eve, you will look like a fabulous light in every single room you walk into! Who needs a disco ball when you're at the event?


Leather is so trendy and easy to incorporate to so many different styles of outfits during the holidays. Black leather is simple to match with, but can elevate a look at the same time. This trend will not be going away anytime soon, so I recommend purchasing leather garments if you haven't already!


Fur coats can be so exciting during the winter season! They can make any outfit look so elegant and stunning. These coats are also a great way to stay warm, while looking beautiful at the same time! Pair your fur with a dress or mini skirt and blouse to steal the show.

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